BOSTON (CBS) — The flakes will be flying in Foxboro on Thursday, but the Patriots won’t be getting a snow day.

Bill Belichick is a known proponent of a “No Days Off” way of living, so a little snow is no reason to give his players a day off from practice. They all know this, so you better believe they’ll be at Gillette Stadium bright and early on Thursday.

“You certainly better leave yourself enough time to get here on time,” special teams captain Matthew Slater said on Wednesday. “We all know the weather. Coach has mentioned that several times to the team. So, I wouldn’t want to be the guy that’s late tomorrow.”

The last thing Belichick — and his players — want is a repeat of 2009, when the coach sent four players (Randy Moss, Adalius Thomas, Gary Guyton and Derrick Burgess) home when they arrived late because of the snowy conditions. So unfortunately, we probably won’t be getting another Jetsons reference from a reprimanded player this week.

The Patriots will, however, be completely ready should there be a snowy playoff game in Foxboro over the next month.



  1. Everyone thinks this is somehow “hardcore” Patriots work ethic, but what happens if someone gets killed trying to drive home? They’ve got hundreds of millions of dollars invested in these players. Why risk their lives and have them all out trying to drive through a blizzard? Ridiculous.

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