BOSTON (CBS) — Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has closed state offices for all non-emergency, executive state employees ahead of Thursday’s storm.

The governor held a press conference to discuss the storm preparations across the state on Wednesday.

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“We’re asking everybody, as we always do, to be good neighbors and to check in on family and friends and especially elderly folks or disabled neighbors and those who might have medical conditions or require additional assistance.”

Baker said officials would be closely monitoring any power outages from key positions, especially on the South Shore, and work to fix them as fast as possible.

If your power does go out, use flashlights and electric candles and only candles as a last resort.

baker Baker Closes Non Emergency State Offices For Thursdays Storm

Charlie Baker holding a storm prep press conference (WBZ-TV)

Travel will be significantly impacted by the storm, said Baker, especially in Central and Eastern parts of the state. He stressed the public to stay off the roads if at all possible or take public transit.

“We encourage employers to allow folks to work from home if it’s possible, to cut down on traffic volumes and to avoid dangerous driving conditions and to give the DOT crews the room they need to clean the streets,” said the governor.

If you need to drive, per usual, “don’t crowd the plow.”

The MBTA T lines are prepared to run on a normal, weekday schedule. Buses will be using their pre-established snow routes and no ferry services will be operated.

Bakers said, “MBTA personnel will be working around the clock throughout the storm to prevent disruptions in service.”

The commuter rail will but running on a reduced schedule.

pollack Baker Closes Non Emergency State Offices For Thursdays Storm

Stephanie Pollack (WBZ-TV)

Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack added that you should leave yourself plenty of time to get where you are going, no matter if that is on the road or MBTA.

MassDOT has over 4,200 pieces of state and vendor snow/ice equipment available and will likely all be used, said Pollack.

Up to 700 MassDOT workers will also be called to work, she added.

“One thing I do want to note is some of the forecasts call for periods in which the snow is coming down at more than two inches an hour. When we have snow flow rates of one or two inches an hour, our plows can usually try to keep up with that accumulations. At two or even three inches an hour, you can expect to see road conditions deteriorate,” Pollack said.

Travelers should also expect delays at Logan airport.

Last minute reminders?

“It’s important to remember that after this storm moves through, bitter cold temperatures will return and we’re asking residents to do their part to help safely clear snow from sidewalks, driveways, and fire hydrants,” said Baker.

Make sure any smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in your home are working. And if you see downed utility lines, report them and don’t go near them.


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