By Jim Smith

WORCESTER (CBS) – If you want to take a ride through the Worcester hills, you better have good tires.

When the ice and snow move in, the driving and walking can be treacherous.

As temperatures stayed on the colder side Saturday, the City of Worcester was hit particularly hard with icy, slick roads.


WBZ-TV found a father and daughter busy shoveling and sanding.

As longtime residents, they are used to this.

“I’ve been here 42 years in this house. If you don’t have four-wheel drive, you’re in trouble in the winter. We found that out. That’s why we got four wheel drive vehicles afterwards,” said Michael Brignola.

Maryanne Brignola and her father spent the day shoveling ice and sanding their driveway. (WBZ-TV)

His daughter, Maryanne Brignola, called the day “crazy.”

“Today’s been, like, crazy. The cars are moving along, (but) we’re still slick. The roads are still slippery,” she said.

Worcester DPW crews were busy loading up for an active Saturday night, hitting the ice and snow with sand and salt, trying to stay one step ahead.

Worcester DPW crews were busy loading up for an active Saturday night. sanding and salting icy roads. (WBZ-TV)

Residents tried to take it all in stride.

“Oh this weather! Wooh! For the Christmas it’s terrible. Terrible! Because it’s supposed to be a beautiful day,” Marisol Leon said. “Yeah, too much ice!”

Michael Brignola planned to end his day shoveling with some comfort food and a hot shower.

“I’m gonna finish up here take a nice hot shower. Hopefully my wife’s cooking something to eat, and we’ll have supper,” he said.

Jim Smith

  1. Per usual the Worcester DPW failed to keep up with the side streets now they are compete sheets of ice