BOSTON (CBS) – Supplies collected by former Red Sox star Curt Schilling for Hurricane Harvey victims never made it to Texas.

Schilling now admits two of the trailers broke down in Tennessee.

The man who loaned Schilling the trailer called out the former pitcher on Twitter saying the broken trailer sat in a parking lot for months.

Schilling says it was a communication error on his part and the supplies are now going to a local animal shelter.

On Facebook, Schilling said “apparently liberals are fishing for a story that really isn’t a story,” adding that at the time he did not know the second trailer broke down.

“The trailers have been fixed or funding sent to fix, and the costs to the folks in getting them back has been paid or is in the midst of getting to them,” Schilling wrote. “As to the donations, the entire trailer of pet supplies was donated to a local no kill shelter in Tennessee.”


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