NORWOOD (CBS) – Police are praising an alert Norwood resident who helped officers stop a “Grinch” who almost stole Christmas for several people in town.

A resident saw someone stealing a package from the doorstep of a neighbor’s house.

Packages recovered by Norwood Police thanks to an alert neighbor. (Image Credit: Norwood Police)

After seeing the suspect, the neighbor was able to get a description and a license plate number.

A short time later, a Norwood Police officer saw a man matching the description. After stopping the suspect, the officer found several packages in the car that were not his.

Police recover stolen packages in Norwood. (Image Credit: Norwood Police)

After getting consent to search the suspect’s home, police found more stolen packages.

“A few of our Officers are currently traveling around town in their black and white sleighs, playing Santa, and returning some of the stolen property to the good people of Norwood,” police said. “A big thank you is in order to the vigilant witness in this case, we are sure you made someone’s Christmas.”


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