CHESTNUT HILL (CBS) – A Boston College student sank a full-court golf shot on the hardwood to win a big prize.

Freshman Daniel Emery says it was a night of pure luck. “I completely thought I was going to miss it,” Daniel said.

During a timeout in Tuesday’s basketball game, Daniel was given a putter. The goal: sink a full-court putt into a gold box with a hole for a prize.

“This can’t be going in right now,” Daniel said. “It just kept curving left, curving left.”

It was literally a long shot, but he made it in! And the crowd went wild.

“I just turned around and everyone in the courtside seats were going crazy, so I just went crazy with them,” Daniel said.

An incredible putt on hardwood, and he’s never even played golf.

daniel College Student Makes Full Court Putt For $1,000 Prize

Boston College freshman Daniel Emery (WBZ-TV)

“He looked over at us and asked ‘what should I do?’” said Matt McCormick, Daniel’s friend.

With the shot clock ticking, Daniel’s friends huddled around him for some words of advice.

“I told him the floor is really slick, so you don’t really have to hit it that hard,” said Nate Foster. “Just hit it and make a good stroke and it’ll go.”

He won $1,000 worth of Under Armour gear.

On top of Daniel’s amazing full-court putt, Boston College basketball beat Columbia University 81-66 on Tuesday.


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