BOSTON (CBS) — A container ship broke free from its mooring at the Paul W. Conley Container Terminal in Boston early Wednesday morning.

Ten workers were on the 1,065-foot container ship, known as Helsinki Bridge, at the time. They were removed safely.

A responding docking pilot, along with crew members, was able to anchor the container ship to Broad Sound.

ship Container Ship Breaks Free, Drifts From Boston Terminal

Helsinki Bridge (WBZ-TV)

According to the Coast Guard, various general cargo was on board and there was no hazmat threat.

No pollution of any kind was reported.

The Helsinki Bridge was able to drift away after all 12 lines attached to the ship broke, according to the Coast Guard.

“Obviously the incident is still under investigation. The Coast Guard has a team on board the vessel now, looking at the equipment and the lines to see if they can figure out what might have happened,” said Coast Guard Lt. Jennifer Sheehan. “It’s not unheard of for a vessel of this size to break its mooring during such high winds. If you think about it, it has a lot of sail area which is a lot of pressure from the wind. So it’s possible and we’re looking more into it. Thankfully everyone on board was safe, there weren’t any injuries reported so that was the biggest win for us.”

dock Container Ship Breaks Free, Drifts From Boston Terminal

The damaged dock at Conley Terminal after a container ship broke away (WBZ-TV)

The Coast Guard, Boston Police, MassPort Fire, and Mass. State Police all responded to the incident.

There was some damage to the dock and it is unclear if the Helsinki Bridge will be able to return on Wednesday.

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