MANCHESTER, N.H. (CBS) – A Transportation Security Administration worker packed more than just a sandwich in his lunch bag while heading to work at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport.

The worker mistakenly packed a gun, which was found by officials as the worker passed through a security checkpoint screening before work, confirmed TSA spokesman Mike McCarthy on Tuesday.

“The firearm was detected on Friday at the security checkpoint when a TSA employee underwent screening at the beginning of their shift,” McCarthy said.


He said the worker spoke with Londonderry Police following the incident.

No charges were filed.

It was unclear if the worker would be disciplined or fined in the matter.

Travelers with guns in their carry-on luggage often face penalties after the weapons are detected at security checkpoints. Fines for firearms range from $500 to $2,000, according to TSA’s website.

Nationwide, TSA reported 3,391 guns, including 83 percent that were loaded, were found in carry-on bags in 2016.

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  1. do as I say – not as I do…..

  2. John Oakman says:

    So this Jack Booted Thug gets a pass.

  3. Susan Oman says:

    How do you “accidentally” pack a gun in your lunch box? How can people believe this BS? Good to know our airports are being protected by such astute people. And then they wonder how terrorist actions happen. When I read this kind of stuff it just confirms to me how inept our government runs.

  4. Doug Day says:

    Sounds like quite the “worker”.

  5. How do you mistakenly pack a gun in with your lunch. If a person is so stupid he should be fired.

  6. How do we know it was an “accident”? A TSA screener knows better than anyone that a firearm can’t enter the TSA screening checkpoint. Perhaps he was attempting to slip the handgun in and pass it off to a person who had already cleared security screening. This TSA employee should be subjected to a thorough investigation, interrogated, and then a decision should be made if it was just an accident.

    I call BS on the “I Forgot” story!

  7. John Jupiter says:

    Money says the “worker” was Black,,,,,therefore no charges or discipline will occur.

    1. Probably a black muslim. Whitey wouldn’t get a pass like that.

  8. Darren Davis says:

    Give an idiots a TSA badge and blue shirt and they think they are cops.

  9. Vox Veritas says:

    “The worker mistakenly packed a gun”

    That’s right. And Harvey Weinstein ‘accidentally’ sexually assaulted dozens of women.

  10. tngilmer says:

    According to all the failed tests of the TSA recently, the only gun they can find is when one of their own has it.
    Truth is, the TSA was never designed to actually protect us from anything. It is Kabuki theater to condition the sheeple to submit to abuse by the government. The TSA was created by Bush 43 to fool the people into believing he was doing something to protect them but in reality was a vehicle for the rich RINOs who supported him to sell worthless and unusable security equipment to the Federal government and to enrich themselves at taxpayer expense. It was continued by Obama to provide a make work program for his supporters too stupid to make hamburgers. It is time for the TSA to be ended and the airlines and local airports can provide the security quicker, cheaper, and more efficiently.

  11. Jim Williams says:

    I wonder how many baloney sandwiches you have to pack to equal the weight of a handgun.

  12. “No charges were filed”. Instills confidence.

  13. How do you make that mistake? Fire him now. What a dope.

  14. He “mistakenly” packed a gun in his lunch box?

  15. Peter Famato says:

    Mistakenly – they meant that he forgot to pack ammunition.

  16. If TSA can mistakenly pack a gun then they need to cut passengers who do the same a lot of slack.

  17. rytwinger says:

    New Hampshire is an open/concealed carry state…..

  18. Probably stolen from a passenger someday before.

  19. David Robson says:

    If I had a dollar for every time I mistakenly packed a gun in my lunch bag…

  20. Must have carried it due to some idiot passenger who threatened him. Passengers today are the worst I’ve seen in 30 years, every TSA Screener should be armed just like their counterparts in Immigration and Customs.

  21. Catman Bob says:

    he should be fired, how can you forget a gun in a lunch bag it would be heavy. YOUR FIRED

  22. Ken Burns says:

    Thousands Standing Around

  23. “Gee Marge, that’s a heave sandwich you put in my lunch”.

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