HAVERHILL (CBS) — Haverhill Police announced the arrest of two package thieves on Sunday with a holiday-themed poem on Facebook.

Titled “A Bedtime Story from the Haverhill PD,” the poem was written to resemble “T’was The Night Before Christmas.”

“Twas the month before Christmas, when somewhere in the City, two men were stirring, about to act very silly,” the post read.

It continued to tell the story of a person calling to report two package thieves in action.

Haverhill Police return stolen packages (Photo Courtesy: Haverhill Police | Facebook)

“The caller reported the problem, as the thieves ran away, while officers responded in their all-wheel drive sleighs.”

The neighbor then followed the fleeing suspects until Officer Cooper and backups arrived, police said.

“When, what to wondering eyes should appear, but several more cruisers, and eight of his peers.”

Police were able to catch the men and immediately return the packages to their rightful owners.

To read the whole poem, visit Haverhill PD’s Facebook page.

The suspects, Brandon Caroll, 25, and Nicholas Parker, 20, were charged with larceny, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, possession of burglary instruments, and trespassing.

They were arraigned on Friday and are on probation.


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