HOLLISTON (CBS) – Peter Rogaishio said he was panic-stricken after his three-year-old Doberman Pinscher named Thor got hit by two cars on Thursday after running out of his yard in Holliston.

“His front legs sustained compound fractures in both legs and shattered femur in the back,” Peter said.

Peter says he waited for animal rescue to arrive, but after a half hour police said he should take his dog and head to the animal hospital.

holliston Man Arrested Rushing Severely Injured Dog To Hospital

Thor recovering after being hit by 2 cars in Holliston (Courtesy photo)

“It was five o’clock rush hour, it was crazy and I sped around and kept on going and he chased me for about a mile and a half,” Peter said.

With no time to spare and police in pursuit, Peter says he came speeding down Hartford Road in Natick. Police set up a roadblock forcing him to stop. That’s when his frantic situation got worse.

“Police came out with guns drawn and screaming at me to shut the truck off and get to the ground. I was screaming ‘My dog, my dog is in the back of the truck. He’s dying.’ And they looked in the truck, the officer jumped in truck and took my dog to the hospital and the other officer took me to jail,” Peter said.

peter Man Arrested Rushing Severely Injured Dog To Hospital

Peter Rogaishio was arrested rushing his dog to the animal hospital (WBZ-TV)

He faces a number of traffic violations; meanwhile Thor is very lucky to be alive. “I can’t express how thankful I am,” Peter said. “It’s a total miracle.”

Looking back Peter wished he handled the situation better. “I should’ve pulled over once the first officer put his lights on and he might have given me an escort but we don’t have children. He’s all we got,” Peter said.

Peter’s neighbor set up a GoFundMe page to help Thor. The dog’s medical bills total more than $20,000.

Comments (4)
  1. I hope these cops give you a break!!! I am an animal lover and this story breaks my heart. I am happy to know though the officer that took the dog to the hospital is a HERO!!! Way to go officer! I would like to help out with your vet bills (or ticket!) so THANK YOU to your loving neighbor for the Go Fund Me Page!!! Sending thoughts and prayers to you and THOR!!!XOXOXOO

  2. Hate to say it, but, in this day & age, Peter is lucky he’s not African-American.

  3. Happiest outcome would be for the judge to sentence him to time served, and then expunge his record.

    I can understand why they surrounded him with guns drawn. Yeah, hey should have just let him go with a warning, so the story didn’t go the way they’d probably intended. At least the one officer took the dog to the vet.

  4. I cannot stand the police any more, we have do something about law enforcement in this country

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