By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – If you’re a parent, a grandparent, a big sister or brother, or any sort of authority figure in someone else’s life, you are a key role model others look to for guidance on how to behave, where the boundaries are, what makes a good person.

And however imperfectly you perform that role, because none of us is perfect, you know you’ve got to think about what you say and do, lest you send that person looking up to you the wrong message.

Being President of the United States certainly falls into this category, but President Trump apparently didn’t get the memo. Despite occasional speeches promising to “bring us together,” the president can’t seem to stop using his Twitter feed to promote racially and ethnically divisive rhetoric.

Perhaps the worst example of this so far happened early Wednesday morning, when Mr. Trump re-tweeted three videos promoted by a fringe anti-Muslim hate group in England purporting to show Muslims attacking non-Muslims and slandering Christianity. Top British officials are furious. People who work hard to keep Islamic extremism from poisoning relations between Muslims and other are appalled.

The only ones who seem happy are the British Muslim-haters and David Duke, the former KKK leader, who tweeted his approval.

Pathetically, presidential press secretary Sarah Sanders tried to pass this off as the president guiding the debate over border security, but that patently bogus spin just makes things worse.

Leaders need to set a good example.

This was an example of selfish, clueless, potentially dangerous pot-stirring from a president who has yet to prove up to his role model responsibility.

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Comments (2)
  1. Generally, I would agree with you, Jon, that Trump is far from an ideal role model.

    With an exception or two along the way.

    First. His disdain for the politically correct is admirable. Political correctness in government has hidden far more corruption and out-right thievery than being open and directs has ever been.

    And, second…Trump’s directness certainly has allowed far more openness and transparency in the actions of government than anything the Obama and his administration accomplished in their pathetic eight years of power.

    Every day, more drips out about the chicanery of the Obama’s officialdom that makes it amply clear why people were unwilling to contemplate either four or eight years of a Hillary Clinton presidency.

    We are not naive enough to think, Jon, that you will ever be supportive of a Trump administration, but it would be nice if you opened your eyes to the flaws in the politics of the last decade and recognized that in Trump, a goodly number of those flaws aren’t present.

  2. A downright LIE. He is my, my family and just about everyone I know, role’s model. More Fake News to create division from the 61 million that elected this great man.

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