By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Every now and then, a professional athlete does something so far out of the bounds of believability that a phenomenon is born.

That happened this past weekend with Bills receiver Zay Jones. He fell to the turf after hitting the deck when trying to catch a pass out of bounds. And when he got up, he appeared to defy every single law of physics.

See for yourself.

Pretty cool. It became a thing on the internet.

It also became a thing at Bills practice, as several Bills players tried to emulate their teammate while several reporters and photographers monitored the event. Jones himself offered some tips to his teammates, too.

The videos above, from Nick Veronica of The Buffalo News and Thad Brown of WROC-TV, shows safety Jordan Poyer, safety Micah Hyde, defensive tackle Adolphus Washington and kicker Stephen Hauschka trying to perform the miraculous feat, while a photographer actually asked Jones if he can show the world one more time what it’s like to levitate.

From the perspective in New England, it’s rather bizarre to see such hijinks at a practice, particularly for a team that sits firmly in the playoff hunt and faces its biggest challenge of the season this week with the Patriots coming to town.

Obviously — obviously — it’s just a minute or two of tomfoolery, and obviously players aren’t robots and should have some fun in their lives, and obviously the players cannot spend every single waking second of the week studying film and practicing their game plan. Obviously!

However … we can say with great confidence that in the unlikely event that such a playful competition were to ever break out at Patriots practice, there’s a less than zero chance that the world would ever see it.

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