BOSTON (CBS) – Wahlburgers has come to California, but apparently, people there have a little homework to do on the Massachusetts-based chain.

The San Jose Mercury News published an article about the restaurant’s first West Coast location called “Wahlburgers in Palo Alto: How To Eat Like A Southie.”

The “Eat Like A Southie” headline (Screenshot of Mercury News)

A Southie? Not to mention the Wahlbergs are from Dorchester, not South Boston (aka Southie).

Leave it to Wahlburgers co-owner Donnie Wahlberg himself to set the record straight.

“Calling one ‘A Southie’ is akin to calling one ‘A Palo Alto,'” he tweeted.

More Wahlburgers are set to open in California over the next few years, and the Wahlberg brothers announced earlier this year they are working on an expansion into Asia. Hopefully journalists in those areas brush up on their Boston lingo before then.