BOSTON (CBS) — The Hurley Edition is six months old, and with a brief holiday break upcoming, it’s the perfect time to take a journey back through some of the high points of the podcast’s young history.

Starting with Michael Felger and the infamous paternity leave debates (2:45), moving on to how Rob “Hardy” Poole has managed to work alongside Scott Zolak for eight years (11:15), to Zolak himself sharing some behind-the-scenes stories about Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll (14:50).

Three-time Super Bowl champion Matt Chatham shared a story of what it’s like to be in Belichick’s doghouse (20:10), ESPN’s Randy Scott discussed his insane daily schedule and shared a tale of when he accidentally ripped Tom Brady for an entire evening in front of Brady’s sister (24:00).

Barstool Sports baseball writer/podcast host Jared Carrabis shared details of the grudges he’s held over the years and how Bobby Valentine almost led him to quit writing in 2012 (31:20), and writer Luke O’Neil discussed the mental anguish so many of us put ourselves through while living on Twitter 24 hours a day, every day (37:50).

As a bit of a change of pace, Thrice drummer Riley Breckenridge joined the podcast and discussed the pressure that bands face from record labels to look and talk a certain way, and he discussed the massive changes in the record industry that streaming services have brought along (42:20).

Big Jim Murray from the Felger & Massarotti show shared a tremendous story of a vulgar insult he accidentally aired in New Hampshire yet somehow did not lead to his being fired from WFNX (49:45), and Fred Toucher from Toucher & Rich discusses how he and Rich had no idea where their show was going to be broadcast when it began, and he discussed what life is like navigating a talk show during a very complicated time in American politics (53:05). Speaking of that matter, CBS Sports’ Pete Blackburn joined the podcast and talked about how a joke on Twitter very nearly got him fired, and he settled the debate once and for all over how to pronounce the word “GIF” (59:35).

Brian Robb of Boston Sports Journal recalled the time he and Hurley were fired as podcast hosts before ever really getting hired as podcast hosts (1:05:35), and Barstool Sports’ Rear Admiral shared what he likes and dislikes about all the massive changes Boston has undergone as a city over the last 15 years (1:07:55).

The podcast rounds the final corner with Adam Jones discussing how he got snubbed in Deadspin’s anti-Boston sports radio manifesto (1:13:45), and Rich Shertenlieb shares some unbelievable details about his hometown of Kennesaw, Georgia (1:16:35).

Thanks for listening to The Hurley Edition! We’ll be back after Thanksgiving, and in the meanwhile you can subscribe on iTunes, on Stitcher, or on the RSS feed on the CBS Boston audio page.


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