By Katie Brace

NEWBURY (CBS) – Halloween the day before Thanksgiving is unique, but so is the girl who inspired the change in tradition.

“This is Ellie-ween,” said family friend Heidi Roy.

Six-year-old Ellie Bauer started her fight against Neuroblastoma, a type of cancer, back in April.

“Everyone was asking her when we were getting discharged what are you going to do when you get home she said, ‘I’m going to trick-or-treat,” her mother Kate Bauer said.

Ellie Bauer and her sister trick-or-treat in Newbury (WBZ-TV)

Ellie just spent seven weeks in the hospital forcing her to miss Halloween. She came home Monday. Those along Maple Terrace in Newbury brought Halloween back.

Family friend Heidi Roy got it done. “I sent out a quick group text,” said Roy. “Everyone said, ‘yep, I’ll go get candy put up my Halloween decorations.’”

Ellie as Cinderella and her sister as Elsa were chauffeured by their bodyguard also known as their father.

“She hasn’t walked for about seven weeks so Wednesday she was practicing around the house to get ready for tonight,” said her father Andy Bauer.

Family friends dressed up and joined in to give it the real Halloween feel.

Ellie Bauer (WBZ-TV)

The police officers who blocked off the road brought her a police car of her very own donated by “Ella’s Army Fund” in memory of another young girl who fought cancer.

“This makes it normal for her this is how she gets through it,” said Kate Bauer.

Ellie’s immune system is weak so she can’t be around people too long or get too close.

“Happy Halloween,” said Ellie.

After a half hour it was time to go home and enjoy the treats of Halloween or Thanksgiving.

“Truly, truly we feel blessed by this whole community,” said Andy Bauer.

Katie Brace