GLOUCESTER (CBS) – Rick Fraelick of Gloucester has something to be thankful for the eve before the holiday. He feels fortunate he and his family were not injured after an alleged drunk driver crashed his car, causing debris to fly into the Fraelick’s home.

On Monday night, police say 50-year-old David M. Cox of New York lost control of his Audi and slammed into a rock wall outside the Fraelick’s Washington Street house. The impact sent boulders, some weighing more than 100 pounds, hurtling more than 30 yards into the side of the house.

An Audi burst into flames after a crash in Gloucester (WBZ-TV)

One boulder caved in part of the living room wall. Rick was asleep on the couch only a few feet away.

Even worse, an entire wheel assembly from the mangled car, weighing more than 120 pounds, smashed through the second floor bedroom window where Rick’s children normally slept. Fortunately, the boys had crawled into bed with their mother in another room earlier in the night.

A crash sent part of an Audi wheel assembly into a Gloucester home (WBZ-TV)

According to the police report, Cox admitted to officers that he had consumed two vodka tonics and a glass of wine. He apologized several times to police for getting behind the wheel. Cox was charged with OUI and released on bail.


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