WEST BRIDGEWATER (CBS) – The hunt is on for a driver who hit and killed a dog then took off in West Bridgewater.

“I just want her back, just want her back,” said Consuelo Howard, as she battled tears and her disgust over the death of her adopted, eight-month old rescue dog Zara.

“I just want them to confess what they had done, I want to know why they drove away,” Howard said.

She’s talking about the man who hit Zara with his silver Audi SUV, quickly surveyed his deadly deed and sped off.

When Consuelo went to her college classes Tuesday, she left Zara with a friend on Pleasant Street in West Bridgewater. But Zara and two other dogs somehow escaped from their fenced yard and were running in the road.

“She took her last breath in my arms in the driveway,” said Chyanne DeCosta.

Good Samaritan Chyanne DeCosta was among those who had pulled over to round up the dogs when the silver Audi barreled by and ran over Zara before slowing down, assessing the scene in his mirrors and bolting.

“That’s horrible, why would you not stop? You just killed someone’s best friend,” DeCosta said.

DeCosta dialed the number on Zara’s dog tags.

State law mandates a $50 fine for any driver who hits a dog or cat and takes off without reporting it to the owner or police.

“If it was an accident he shouldn’t have anything to run from,” DeCosta said.

Consuelo Howard is just hoping the hit-and-run driver will have the decency to come forward with a simple apology.

“What’s done is done and I know no matter what happens I will never get her back and I know this house will never be the same without her,” said Howard.

  1. Dogs need to be controlled and contained at all times. The driver is not responsible for the death of the dog running loose. The person responsible is the one that was in charge of it. What was the driver supposed to do, give it CPR? Raise it from the dead? Next time don’t leave your dog with someone who is irresponsible.

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