By Paula Ebben

WINTHROP (CBS) — When Joe Consoli finished construction on a new room in his basement, he wanted to top off the project with a new TV. He logged onto Samsung’s website and ordered the model he thought would work best.

“It came up back-orderd,” he said.

Consoli wanted to enjoy his new room and didn’t like the idea of waiting around for a back-ordered TV, so within hours of placing the order, he tried to contact Samsung to cancel.

cfa samsung tvguy I Team’s Call For Action Gets Back Ordered TV Refunded

Joe Consoli (WBZ-TV)

It did get very frustrating,” he said.

He spent hours on the phone and finally got them to cancel the shipping, but he was still being billed. “$2,174.99 for a TV that I never received,” said Consoli.

Call after call for seven weeks and Consoli couldn’t get anyone from Samsung to reverse the charge.

“So this thing just kept getting worse and ridiculously worse.”

cfa samsungtvwebsite I Team’s Call For Action Gets Back Ordered TV Refunded

Samsung website (WBZ-TV)

That is when he decided to reach out to the I-Team’s Call For Action and we contacted Samsung.

“It was taken care of in one day,” Consoli said.

In an email, a company spokesperson told us: “In an effort to constantly improve our processes, we are reviewing this experience to try to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

But if it does, Consoli has this advice: “I would call Call For Action,” he said.


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