PELHAM, New Hampshire (CBS) — A man has been arrested after he drove away while two police officers stood nearby trying to talk to him.

Pelham Police were first called to a Birch Lane home on Tuesday to move Jon Brad James Jr. who had illegally parked his car on the property.

James was asleep or passed out in his car when the officers approached, police said. When he was woken up, police asked him to get out of the car and instead he put his car into drive.

jon brad james jr Police Officers Almost Run Over By Fleeing Suspect

Jon Brad James Jr. (Photo Courtesy: Pelham Police)

One officer “attempted to get the keys out of the ignition to stop him from driving off and as he did that James stepped on the gas and accelerated through the front lawn,” officials said.

“James eventually turned his tires quickly, blowing smoke into the air and tearing up the lawn as he drove away from the officers.”

pelham Police Officers Almost Run Over By Fleeing Suspect

A man drives away as two police officers try to talk to him (Photo Courtesy: Pelham Police)

Both officers were nearly hit but uninjured.

Later on Thursday, police found James in the same car in Dracut where he was arrested.

He is being held on $10,000 bail on several charges.


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