By Matthew Geagan, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Brad Stevens continues to have that “aw, shucks” demeanor despite receiving heaps of praise as one of the NBA’s best coaches.

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But spending his last four winters in Boston is beginning to wear on the Indiana farm boy, as you can tell by his NSFW language on Wednesday. When asked about Thursday night’s upcoming matchup against the Golden State Warriors, Stevens use the kind of language that would make Kevin Garnett blush.

(Warning: We’re putting Stevens’ comment as it came out of the coach’s mouth, so earmuff your children)

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“There’s a reason they haven’t played a lot of close games, and it’s because they’re awfully freakin’ good,” Stevens said, which surprisingly wasn’t met with audible gasps by the collected media at the C’s practice facilities. “We just have to, again, possession to possession, stay poised and stay in the moment. If one thing doesn’t go our way, move on to the next. That’s what you try to build for because your margin for error is very small against a team of this caliber.”

We’ll give you a moment to collect yourself. That kind of salty language can truly rattle one to their core.

Sure, Brad has occasionally let a different F-word slip when arguing with some of the NBA’s most exacerbating officials. And in his defense, Wednesday’s choice of words is fair considering the Warriors have won two of the last three NBA titles and are currently riding a seven-game win streak. Their All-Star lineup, averaging 119.6 points per game, will no doubt give Stevens and his Celtics nightmares ahead of Thursday’s tilt, even if Boston does tout the NBA’s best defense and has won a remarkable 13 straight.

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But in reality, it’s the Warriors who better watch out. Mad Brad is on the loose, and he’s not afraid to let it fly.