By Bill Shields

DARTMOUTH (CBS) – An 82-year-old store clerk in Dartmouth was stabbed several times by a robber, but thought it was a joke as the incident unfolded.

Bill Chandler was working at Hixville General Store when a man burst into the store.

“He comes right around here, stands right there and says give me your money or give me the money. I look at him and I thought it was a joke,” Chandler said. “Then he pulls a knife.”

Chandler works hard to keep his little store going in the middle of Hixville a part of Dartmouth.

clerk stabbed dartmouth 82 Year Old Store Clerk Stabbed During Robbery

Bill Chandler (WBZ-TV)

His store and the church are about all that is here among all the homes.

“I tried to scare him and said get out of here and that is when he stabbed me right here in the leg,” Chandler says.

Chandler isn’t one to back down from a fight. But police have advice for any clerk who’s confronted by a robber.

“We recommend any convenient store clerk not go toe to toe with a suspect. We know you need money to live but also your life is priceless,” Dartmouth Police Detective Kyle Costa says.

Chandler is a bit stubborn and a knife wound in his leg didn’t change his mind.

“I was crazy enough to say I ain’t going to let you do it without a lot more damage to me,” Chandler says.


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