CHELSEA (CBS) – A Chelsea man died Thursday following an apparent drug overdose inside a car that prompted a hazmat response.

An unconscious man was found in a car in Cary Square on Thursday afternoon.

Narcan was used and the 44-year-old man was transported to Whidden Hospital but did not survive.

chelseahazmat Fatal Chelsea Overdose Prompts Hazmat Response

A hazmat crew searches a car in Chelsea. (WBZ-TV)

White powder was found in the car. Firefighters believe it could be the potentially lethal drug fentanyl, but don’t know yet.

“It could be anything. We have no idea right now,” said Dep. Fire Chief Wayne Ulwick.

As a precaution, the scene was processed by a hazmat team wearing protective suits.

Fentanyl is 50 times more powerful than heroin. This summer, three Chelsea police officers were hospitalized after being exposed to the drug at an overdose scene.

“We can’t stop people from doing it. They have to stop. We’re just trying to make sure we don’t get hurt in the process of saving someone’s life,” said Ulwick.


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