BOSTON (CBS) — State Troopers had a tough time corralling a runaway rabbit that was stuck on the Zakim Bridge Wednesday night.

In a short clip shared on Twitter, a traffic camera caught two troopers trying to catch the bunny.

Using teamwork, they eventually cornered the rabbit into a box.

“After last night’s wascally wabbit wescue on the Zakim Bridge, Trooper Joe Foglietta bundled up the little bunny to a nearby park that has many rabbits living at it, where this little one probably came from,” State Police wrote on their Facebook page.

bunny2 State Police Chase, Wrangle Rabbit Stuck On Zakim Bridge

A rabbit State Troopers rescued from the Zakim Bridge. (Massachusetts State Police)

But the bunny didn’t seem to want to get out of the box.

Trooper Foglietta left the box open, and State Police said the rabbit jumped out and “joined its family” after about ten minutes.


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