By Dan Rea

BOSTON (CBS) – Over the weekend, Senator Elizabeth Warren joined the ranks of thousands of women across the country when she told a #MeToo story on NBC’s Meet The Press. Senator Warren recounted being lunged at and chased around a desk by one of her senior professors as she cried out for him to stop. But as The Boston Globe has reported, it’s not the first time she has spoken of the incident. It turns out that Warren actually spoke at the professor’s funeral, and talked about the encounter in a more light-hearted manner. Knowing her sketchy record with the truth, do you believe Elizabeth Warren’s story of being chased and sexually harassed? Or do you think she’s capitalizing on the moment to advance her name and build her brand?

  1. Alan B Flood says:

    Liz Warren can feel the approach of Seth Moulton and she needed something he didn’t have to get attention back to her. If she had been serious harassed then why did she go to the guys funeral? To Make sure he was dead and then speak behind his back – sick lady that Lieawatha is.

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