LOWELL (CBS) — A Lowell city councilor is trying to revive efforts to ban pit bulls.

This comes after two pit bulls mauled a 7-year-old boy to death over the weekend.

An ordinance restricting pit bulls in 2011 was shot down by the Massachusetts Legislature when it passed a law banning regulations against specific breeds.

Now Councilor Rodney Elliott, who was behind that ordinance, wants to go a step further this time.

“We banned chickens. . . it’s a public health issue,” he told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Lana Jones. “This is a public safety issue.”

Elliott says there are 74 registered pit bulls in city of 108,000 people and Lowell has to take steps to prevent another tragedy.

File photo of pit bull dogs (Photo by Michal Cizek/Getty Images)

“People shouldn’t have to be worried about walking their dogs where they live, who has a dog that is unpredictable and very aggressive in nature,” Elliott said.

The District Attorney’s Office said the boy killed Saturday evening was attacked after entering a fenced in area where the pit bulls were being kept. Neighbors disagree over whether the boy went over the fence himself or if the dogs managed to pull him into the area.

A neighbor adding flowers to the memorial on Clare Street said “a lot of people said [the dogs] were very, very friendly,” though she doesn’t think her neighborhood is a good place for the dogs because there are so many kids around.

Elliott, who is running for reelection, says he’s asked the city for dog registration information in what he hopes will be a new attempt at an ordinance.

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  1. the dogs were in their yard behind a fence..the owner was in compliance, where were the child’s parents..

    1. After Boy Is Mauled to Death, How to Protect Someone Being Attacked by a Vicious Dog
      1:14 PM PDT, October 24, 2017 – Inside Edition

      “In video shot by one of the onlookers, the mother of the boy can be heard yelling for help.

      One witness says the little boy reached over the fence to pet the dogs and was PULLED INTO THE YARD BY THE PIT BULLS.”

  2. Bob Cronk says:

    The dogs were behind a fence… period. Why punish other dog owners because this child was not taught to stay away from strange dogs.

  3. The state got it right when they banned breed specific legislation. But sure, let’s play on people’s raw emotions, throw out rational thought, and spout about going backward as part of a local campaign push. Hopefully not many voters let Elliot take them for tools.

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