MALDEN (CBS) – A man trying to steal Red Bulls from a Malden CVS slapped an employee who confronted him before running away.

Around 10 a.m. on Saturday, a CVS employee saw a man attempting to stuff Red Bull drinks into a backpack and trying to zip it up.

The clerk ran to see where the man went, finding he had run out of the store and left the backpack behind.

cvs Suspected Red Bull Thief Slaps CVS Clerk When Confronted

A CVS clerk in Malden was slapped after confronting a shoplifter. (Image Credit: Gordon Hallett)

Police say the suspect then returned, slapped the clerk, and ran again.

One Malden Police officer gave chase for a short time but no arrests have been made.

The suspect’s backpack contained personal identification items, so Malden Police believe they will be able to make an arrest in the near future.


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