BOSTON (CBS) — One owner in every fantasy league in the world took a hit last week when Aaron Rodgers suffered a broken collarbone.

On Thursday, CBS Sports’ fantasy football expert Dave Richard joined Toucher & Rich to offer advice to anyone scrambling in the wake of Rodgers’ injury. The ripple effects extend beyond the QB in Green Bay.

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“Brett Hundley is OK. I don’t expect him to be great. I don’t expect him to play like Scott Tolzien. But I think you have to downgrade those receivers there,” Richard said.

If you’re looking to make a smart trade?

“If you lost Aaron Rodgers like I did in a bunch of my leagues, I would say in the next 48 hours trade like hell to get Matt Ryan,” Richard said. “Because he has been terrible this year, the fantasy owner who drafted him is probably tired of starting him, I think he turns it around this week against the Patriots and I think it catapults him into being a reliable fantasy starter the rest of the way.”

And if you’re looking to just add an available QB?

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“If you can’t get him, go to your waiver wire and I guess Tyrod Taylor is the best available quarterback that you might find there. Maybe Carson Palmer’s there,” he said. “But Tyrod Taylor’s got a nice schedule coming up, his receiving corps is getting healthy, he runs with the football, he’s got a nice smile, maybe he’s somebody who could help your fantasy team get 20 points extra per week.”

On the topic of injured quarterbacks, Richard offered a scathing opinion of the Colts for their handling of the Andrew Luck injury.

“Aren’t they the biggest lying liars that ever lived? Can’t stand the Colts right now. I’m legitimately personally upset,” Richard said. “If I saw them, I would probably raise my voice a little bit. That’s how mad I am.”

After cooling down, Richard advised that you should keep Luck if you can, but if you need the roster spot, it’s time to cut bait.

“If you’ve got Andrew Luck and you need the roster spot, you clear him out and you get who you need. There’s no guarantee he’s going to play. The setback is annoying,” Richard said. “One thing I would caution is I wouldn’t cut him just to cut him, because what happens if two weeks from now he feels good and he’s ready to go? Indianapolis will definitely put him on the field. I don’t think they’re out of it yet in their division. … They still think they have a chance, and if Andrew Luck does get healthy and gets back there, then yeah absolutely he’s someone you’d want to start in fantasy.”

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Richard also offered advice on Willie Snead, Josh Doctson, Corey Davis, Larry Fitzgerald, Devin Funchess, Jerick McKinnon and more. Listen above!