MILTON (CBS) — Police in Milton are issuing a warning for local women who use ride share services.

They say a man posing as a driver is preying on women who appear alone, intoxicated, and looking for their hired car outside bars in towns surrounding Milton.

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“It’s sad that there are people out there taking advantage of people just trying to get home safely,” said Lily Mossayi who users ride share services.

Police say the suspect sits in his vehicle not far from the front door and instead of taking the women home, he takes them to a secluded spot in Milton where they are sexually accosted.

According to a release, this has happened to two women in the past few months.

Those who use cars for hire say they try to be cautious.

“I’m pretty careful about it, because when I look at the Uber thing, it gives you the license plate. So I look at that before I get in. Then I ask them who this Uber is for,” said Emily Keiser, a ride share user.

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Police are not saying specific locations of the clubs and bars or the drop-off point due to the ongoing investigation.

Ride share user Kalli Richmond, “That can happen to anyone really,  if they’re not paying attention enough and you get in the car, it’s scary.”

It’s a scenario that concerns Allston’s Tavern in the Square manager William Hayward. He says he is always vigilant when it comes to his patrons.

“If I see that, I take it upon myself to try and make sure they get into the right Uber or they are with their friends, so that it’s a lot easier that I know that they get home safe,” he said.

For Uber and Lyft drivers, the idea of someone posing as one of them to carry out such an attack is giving them a bad name.

“It is not good. It’s not good for business, it’s not good for  everybody, they need to catch him,” said another Uber driver Michael Fayer.

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Police hope their warning will prevent another ride from becoming a crime.