By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Over the past several years, Bill Belichick has liked to make known how little knowledge he has about various social media platforms, like “MyFace,” “YourFace,” “Snapface” and “InstantChat.”

On Friday, he let it be known publicly that he’s not really familiar with the intricacies of fantasy football, either.

Speaking about the Patriots’ upcoming opponent, Belichick said the 3-2 Jets have been a competitive team all year long. And anyone who doesn’t think so must be a big time computer geek.

“I mean, whoever’s saying [the Jets aren’t competitive], I don’t know what games they’re watching. Maybe it’s fantasy football or some garbage, I don’t know,” he said. “I don’t know how you can not watch that team play and not think they’re one of the most competitive teams we’ve played.”

We’ve yet to receive confirmation that Belichick followed up that comment with this one:

Granted, the thing about fantasy football is that you don’t “watch it” so much as you compile an imaginary roster of real football players, and their success or failure on the field translate to success or failure on your imaginary roster. There’s not much to glean in terms of how competitive the Jets have or have not been.

Alas, that is Bill Belichick, a man who’s always quick to heap praise upon an opponent and is just as quick to take a dig at anything that exists on the internet.

On the interesting end of football philosophy, Belichick also credited the Jets with being very competitive during their 25-point loss to the Raiders in Week 2.

“Even I would say in the Oakland game, even though they didn’t win that game, they fell behind at halftime. But I thought they competed very hard through the end of the game,” Belichick said of Oakland’s 45-20 win over the Jets. “[Jermaine] Kearse scored at the end of the game [to make the score 42-20]. They made a lot of plays. … Made a third-down stop that led to a fourth-down stop. So they’ve played good in critical situations, they’ve played good at the end of games, they’ve played good for 60 minutes. They play hard.”

So there you have it. Where most people would say the Jets got blown out and that only wizards could “watch” fantasy football, Belichick has informed you that the Jets kept that game competitive and lots of wrong people watch fantasy football all the time.

You never fully know what you might get at a Belichick Friday press conference.

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