LAKEVILLE (CBS) – A man is facing criminal charges after he shot a neighbor’s golden retriever in what he claimed was self-defense.

Mark Vasseur is charged with malicious killing of a domesticated animal for shooting Krissy Dashner and Pat Bates’ one-year-old golden retriever Walle.

Walle was shot and killed by a neighbor in Lakeville (WBZ-TV)

Vasseur admitted to WBZ-TV on Monday that he shot his gun five times, but said he did so to protect himself.

“He just attacked us and there was nothing I could do. It happened so quick. He showed his teeth and was growling,” Vasseur said. “I had no choice. I had to shoot the dog because I’m not going to get bit.”

On Thursday, Lakeville Police announced that charges would be filed against Vasseur.

He is scheduled to be arraigned in Wareham District Court at a later date.

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  1. I like that he was charged regardless of the dogs being loose, sometimes dogs get away from you. He changed his original story and 5 shots into a dog that was probably under 70 lbs? please. he just wanted to shoot the dog.

  2. That piece of dirt’s nose would touché the sky if he looked up for his lie. I had a golden retriever never did I see that playful happy dog get aggressive. I don’t think it possible for them to get aggressive unless it saw that I was being attacked by someone. He got his chance and MURDERED that playful PET. He deserves to get max for that murder because( Proverbs,12:10) Says the ways of the wicked are cruel, That puts him in line with Satan he’s the first person to be labeled as being wicked!!!

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