FALL RIVER (CBS) – For Ahman Abdulrahman, it was just another night at his store, the Farm Market in Fall River. Until a masked man came running through the door.

“I could feel something fast coming in, I see someone at the door coming at me telling me to give them the money,” Abdulrahman said.

Happening so fast, he honestly thought it was a joke.

“As soon as he hit me back I said it’s real it’s happening,” he explained.

Ahman Abdulrahman, a Fall River store owner. (WBZ-TV)

Abdulrahman didn’t hesitate to grab a piece of wood he keeps by the register and he’s glad he did.

He described the confrontation “like a battle, as he want to kill me to rob me.”

Abdulrahman hit the man over and over again until chasing him away.

“By the end of it he said please just give me the money. I told him I’m not going to give you anything but this stick,” he said.

A store owner fights off a would-be robber. (Image Credit: Farm Market)

This isn’t the first time he’s been faced with something like this.

“You come in to me, my first reaction to me would be defending myself because I’ve been through more than this – I was shot in my face,” he explained.

Abdulrahman is originally from Syria, coming to the United States to build a better life for his family.

He found himself fighting for his wife and two children in the moment he was attacked.

“Exactly, this is what I’m fighting for,” he said as he held his children.


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