By Bill Shields

ATTLEBORO (CBS) – A little girl found a suspected robber asleep in the back seat of her family’s car in their driveway before school. Paul Johnson, 30, of Attleboro, is the alleged robber and authorities believe he was exhausted from an overnight crime spree.

“She noticed a drunk passenger in the back that didn’t belong there some stranger, ran inside told her mom and her mom comes and tells me and my reaction go to the phone and call police,” the girl’s father, Danny Carlton said.

sleeping burglar Alleged Robber Found Asleep In Back Seat Of Car

The alleged robber, Paul Johnson (WBZ-TV)

Attleboro police arrived and had problems waking the 30-year-old man in the back seat. “He was really messed up I know that, the cops could not wake him up,” Carlton said.

Johnson allegedly told police he’d been drinking at a Cumberland bar.

Carlton’s neighbor, Lucas Franco, was somewhat amazed at Carlton’s calm restraint. “I told Danny he took it a lot better than I would have if I found someone in my car,” Franco said.

The neighbors took inventory of the things Johnson allegedly stole. “He got some things that had absolutely no value, you have a used toothbrush, a dirty Red Sox hat, a jacket, some fake jewelry,” Carlton said.


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