BOSTON (CBS) — The majority of Americans think most things in America are going in the wrong direction, according to a new study.

A Suffolk University/USA Today poll finds 64 percent of people think America is on the wrong track, which is up eight points since a similar poll in June.

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“Only 24 percent currently think the country is on the right track so that is sort of the overarching, overriding feeling right now in America,” Suffolk University pollster David Paleologus told WBZ NewsRadio 1030.

The poll, taken by 1000 eligible voters across the country between September 27 and October 1, tested a number of topics including the economy, North Korea, the NFL-national anthem controversy, politics, and healthcare.

53 percent of Americans believe the country is in an economic recovery, though.

“The only redeeming value in the poll is that people believe we are in an economic recovery, but as my mom used to say, money isn’t everything,” said Paleologus.

President Trump’s ratings also highlighted economic approval and not much approval elsewhere.

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President Donald Trump. (Photo by Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images)

“On the economy, he has got a net positive of 45 approve and a 44 disapproval, but on virtually every other issue he is upside-down, especially with healthcare: 24 percent approval, 64 percent disapproval, his handling of North Korea: negative, his handling of foreign policy: negative,” explained Paleologus. “So this is why Donald Trump’s approval rating is only 38 percent approved and 56 percent disapprove.”

Healthcare was not only damaging to the President’s ratings, but also to the Republican Party.

“23% of respondents have a favorable opinion of the Republican party, 62% have an unfavorable opinion,” Paleologus said.

When participants were asked specifically about who they trust most to make decisions about their family’s healthcare, 43 percent responded congressional Democrats. Only 15 percent said the President, and 10 percent said congressional Republicans.

According to Paleologus, “This just reinforces the drop in the rates throughout the poll of congressional Republicans after last week’s inaction and attempt to try and replace and replace Obamacare which didn’t get Republican support.”

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The way the Republican Party moves forward will be a “true test” for the party, said Palaeologus, “in terms of doing soul searching and figuring out what it stands for.”