By Dan Rea

BOSTON (CBS) – With another weekend of NFL games

  1. Dan this is a copy of a letter I sent to the New England Patriots.
    Chris Bolcon Pawtucket RI

    I can’t believe what I witnessed today on the field during the National Anthem by some of our New England Patriots. The same team that I have watched for over 46 years. The same team that during their super bowl run of 2001, the year of 9/11, chose to be introduced as a team united and not a team of individuals. I was, on that day, and the years that followed, so proud of my team. I had pride not just in their record and stats, but a deep pride based on respect of their actions on and off the field. What I witnessed today by 18 to 20 of our players hurt and disappointed me deeply.
    Is it your right as an American to choose whether you stand or take a knee and disrespect our Flag and the National Anthem of this country? Yes, it is. Is this country going through tough times and are there some races still being treated unfairly? Most definitely yes. However, your actions today are those that divide rather than unite. If you choose to act in this way, you disrespect every person, of every race and sex, who has ever worn the uniform of this country. This statement also includes our local law enforcement and fire and rescue personnel. You also disrespect every family who has ever had a loved one come home with the Flag covering their coffin. If you choose to act in this manner, then why don’t you walk out onto the field while the cameras are on and tell each and every soldier, police officer, and fire fighter that you will not stand for what they so proudly serve and protect. Look up the names of all those in New England who have died in the line of duty, and consider, one day a week, going to those families and telling them you will not stand for the Flag that they hold so dearly in their homes.
    The Flag and the Constitution are not what needs to be fixed. Democracy is what protects the basic rights of us all, as Americans. However, one must care enough about our Democracy to vote responsibly, having undertaken the tedious task of knowing each candidate’s history, not just their campaign rhetoric before electing them to public office. It is the system’s weaknesses, and some of those people that are in public office at the local, state and national level that need fixing or correcting. Small minds act in small ways. In the minute and 30 seconds it took to play the National Anthem, you demonstrated the actions of a small mind. You want to bring change? Get involved. Not just raising money for charities, but get involved in the system and bring change. If you don’t like who is in office, get involved and support those that represent your moral and ethical values and not just your wallet.
    This past week, a man of small mind and character said some things to NFL owners that are dividing this league and country. Don’t be baited into acting foolishly. STAND UP together united and bring change, but the right kind of change. Stand up for the kind of change which supports just governing in the U.S . This is what that anthem and flag represent and this is what democracy was created to secure for us all. Never let evil blind you and steal from you. Choose to be wiser than the fools around you.

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