SPRINGFIELD (CBS) – The mayor of Springfield – Dr. Seuss’ hometown – is weighing in on a controversy involving a Cambridge school library, the prolific children’s author and First Lady Melania Trump.

The story about Cambridgeport Elementary School librarian Liz Phipps Soeiro rejecting Mrs. Trump’s shipment of Dr. Seuss books has made headlines nationwide.

“You may not be aware of this, but Dr. Seuss is a bit of a cliché, a tired and worn ambassador for children’s literature,” Soeiro wrote in a blog post. “My students have access to a school library with over nine thousand volumes and a librarian with a graduate degree in library science.”

book Librarians Comments About Dr. Seuss Stink, Authors Hometown Mayor Says

First Lady Melania Trump reads Dr. Seuss book to students (WBZ-TV)

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno of Springfield, where the world’s first Dr. Seuss museum opened earlier this year, said the librarian’s comments are “ridiculous” and “stink.”

“Her comments that this is ‘racist propaganda and that Dr. Seuss is a bit of a cliché and a tired and worn ambassador for children’s literature’ is ‘political correctness’ at its worst,” Sarno said in a statement.

The Cambridge school had been chosen by the White House to receive 10 Dr. Seuss books as part of National Read A Book Day. Sarno said if Cambridge doesn’t want them, Springfield would be happy to take the books.

school Librarians Comments About Dr. Seuss Stink, Authors Hometown Mayor Says

Cambridgeport School (WBZ-TV)

The city would also “be honored to have the First Lady and President Donald J. Trump to visit the Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum too,” Sarno added.

The Cambridge school system has said the librarian’s opinions do not represent the district and she did not have the authority to reject the book donation.

Comments (7)
  1. Toren Nerot says:

    I addition to being utterly absurd, Liz Phipps Soeiro’s response drips with toxic hate. She has no business being anywhere near children; she should be removed from her position as librarian i

  2. For “a librarian with a graduate degree in library science”, you would think she would be against book banning and know the meaning of the word hypocrisy. she actually dressed up as a Dr. Seuss character to celebrate him in 2015. And had nothing to say when First Lady Michelle Obama read Dr Seuss to children in a very public photo opp. This reeks of bitterness and this librarian should be reprimanded.

  3. Mary Smith says:

    She’s arrogant and condescending and she doesn’t sound like someone that should influence young children.

  4. Ashley Smith says:

    how about those plugs for the museum, though eh? It seems like the only reason the mayor of Springfield “got involved” was to mention his city’s tourist attraction multiple times. $$$

  5. Julie Marr says:

    So this biased, arrogant and ignorant “degree in library science” person, LIZ PHIPPS SOEIRO is near children! Get her away from them now!!

  6. Rather than crafting an “open letter” designed to humiliate, Soeiro could have sent a hand-written note graciously turning down the FLOTUS’ offer and advised of other deserving school’s that might better utilize the generous resources. Not to mention, disparaging an icon like Dr Seuss is elitism and snobbery. The children and the town are the losers in this ungracious and ungrateful situation. “Graciousness” is both taught and caught.

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