SWANSEA (CBS) — One Patriots fan is burning mad over some of the players’ decision to kneel during the national anthem Sunday–so he’s burning his favorite Pats T-shirt, and inviting other fans to join him.

“We go to a football game to watch football,” life-long Pats fan Mark Shane told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz. “If I want to watch political commentary, I’ll watch FOX, CNN. They took the joy out of my Sunday.”

Shane was at Gillette Stadium Sunday when he saw more than a dozen Patriots players take a knee during the national anthem.

Mark Shane says he’ll burn his favorite Patriots shirt after 17 players took a knee during the national anthem. (Bernice Corpuz/WBZ NewsRadio 1030)

“Shocked me, totally shocked me,” he said. “I was dumbfounded … They just disappointed me, I couldn’t even sleep Sunday night.”

He paid $750 for three tickets to watch the game, and although the Pats pulled off a stunning comeback win, he said he went home feeling like they lost.

“It was a hollow victory,” Shane said. “I love Tom Brady, I love what happened, but I still had a sick feeling in our stomach.”

Members of the New England Patriots kneel during the National Anthem before the game against the Houston Texans at Gillette Stadium on Sept. 24, 2017. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

He said he would have rather seen the players kneel before or after the anthem.

“I respect their right to protest, that’s what makes our country great,” Shane said. “But not during our national anthem … it’s about one thing: respect. Respect.”

Shane decided to host a jersey-burning party, inviting other Patriots fans to burn their jerseys on his property in Swansea during Thursday Night Football.

He’s even put out chairs a sign next to his fire pit, reading: “Disappointed in the Patriots? Come burn a jersey at the corner of Main St. in Swansea, Thursday @7pm!”

But he’s also encouraging people to donate the jerseys they don’t want to the relief effort in Puerto Rico.

Shane says he’ll be watching the Patriots next Sunday, but said that whether or not he gets to see the game will depend on what the players do during the national anthem.


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  1. David Wluka says:

    I guess that Mark would also have said that the other “Patriots”, the ones who dumped tea in Boston Harbor, were also being disrespectful…..except it would have been the Union Jack instead of the Star Spangled Banner. I see no less a love of country in their actions. In fact, I believe just the opposite…I believe they love what their country stands for and not for what it is doing.

  2. That’s an extremely optimistic amount of chairs.

  3. Just another clown worshipping at the alter of the Orange Messiah.

  4. As if we need more examples of how Americans have an unhealthy obsession with football.

  5. We need to remember that the flag is a symbol, just like the cross, the swastika, The Star of David and so many others. They are the interpretation of what they stand for and represent. The cross was used by the Romans as a method of execution, while swastika is a sacred symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism… and The Star of David was used by the Nazis to identify Jews. This county is more than a flag.. more than a song. They stood and saluted the flag in the Soviet Union,,,, sang national songs in Nazi Germany..saluted in Fascist Italy. I fly the flag outside my home not because i am forced by anyone, not because i have to… i fly it because i want to. This great country offers so much.. but we still have such a long road ahead of us. We have the right to protest these injustices and they can’t always be convenient to everyone. Our veterans didn’t fight for these symbols… they fought for the right for us to have this discussion in an open forum without the fear of retribution by any government. They are fighting for the right of Rosa Park to sit in any seat of the bus she chooses, they are fighting for the right for women to vote…but they need to continue to fight for all of God’s children… black, white, latino, asian to grow up in a society of equality and prosperity and guess what… we need to help them achieve that goal.

  6. It should have been stopped with the first kneel last year, now it going to far.

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