By Juli McDonald

HYANNIS (CBS) – Tropical Storm Jose is throwing a wrench into wedding and vacation plans on Nantucket. With ferries canceled, most have no way on or off the island.

Their Houston home was devastated by Hurricane Harvey, so this group of gals packed their bags and set their sights on Nantucket.

boat Jose Affects Vacation, Wedding Plans On Nantucket

Waves from Tropical Storm Jose off coast of Cape Cod (WBZ-TV)

“We thought this is the perfect relaxing vacation for us girls,” said Sherri Ricci of Houston. “We can go out on the beach and just hang out. Then we come in to Hurricane Jose.”

Without any ferries, they were left hanging and hoping on the Cape. Late Thursday they were back on a Boston-bound bus.

“We still had hope up until yesterday. Then we realized that was not going to happen,” said Deena Mass. “We’ve had to rearrange our flights, rearrange transportation. Hotels.”

Over on the island, another woman is finding her big plans also hosed by Jose: her wedding!

“Three-thousand dollar band. Twenty-thousand dollars in. You just can’t control the weather,” said Leyah Jensen.

l Jose Affects Vacation, Wedding Plans On Nantucket

Leyah Jensen (WBZ-TV)

More than half of her wedding guests are stranded in Hyannis. Still, the bride’s thoughts are many miles away, with the real victims of natural disasters.

“I’m like gosh there’s so many people who have lost their houses in the last month. I might have waited 37 years to get married but I can’t like be bitter about it at all,” Jensen said.

The phones at the ferry ticket office have been ringing off the hook. There won’t be any trips before the sun comes up Friday. It will be at the captain’s discretion but they hope to be making trips by Friday afternoon.


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