By Lisa Hughes

SALEM, NH (CBS) – It started with the generosity of a child and it’s going to help hundreds of kids in hurricane ravaged Texas. When Hurricane Harvey tore through Houston, it didn’t spare schools or libraries. So a 6-year-old from Salem, New Hampshire decided to help, with books.

First grader Brooklyn Murray saw what happened in Texas. “It was so bad and people lost a lot of stuff,” she says. She wanted to help. “We thought that it would be a good idea to collect books because they lost, like, their houses, their money, their wallets and everything,” she says.

brooklyn NH Girl Collects Books For Texas Schools After Hurricane Harvey

Brooklyn Murray (WBZ-TV)

She started with her own books. Then word got out. First at her elementary school. “And the office got pretty full of books,” she says.

Then social media kicked in. “And now we have already a thousand,” Brooklyn says.

“I think because she’s 6 and in the first grade where she’s learning to read, books are important to her. I think that was a way for her to relate, and be able to do something at her level,” says Brooklyn’s mother Kate Murray.

brook NH Girl Collects Books For Texas Schools After Hurricane Harvey

Brooklyn Murray (WBZ-TV)

Kate has connected with a teacher at a Houston elementary school and that’s where most of the books are going. “Some people like to read because they learn how to read stuff, and then they’ll learn new words and stuff,” says Brooklyn.

“Kids need books. Books are a way to bring back a little normalcy to their lives,” Kate Murray says.

The family will continue collecting books for the next couple of weeks. If the pace keeps up, they’ll not only send books to Houston, but to Florida as well.

If you would like to donate a book to Brooklyn’s effort, you can send it to:

Brooke’s Books
P.O. Box 2130
Salem, NH 03079


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