BOSTON (CBS) — Brandon Meriweather returned to the 98.5 The Sports Hub airwaves on Wednesday, and it didn’t take the former Patriots safety long to use up Toucher & Rich’s radio delay.

Asked what it’s like in the Patriots locker room followed a bad loss like Week 1’s defeat to the Kansas City Chiefs, Meriweather couldn’t help but drop a few choice words when quoting head coach Bill Belichick, forcing T&R to use the dump button twice just a few seconds.

“If you play like (blank) you’re going to get treated like (blank),” Rich relayed.

It certainly doesn’t help that the Patriots have to sit for three extra days before their next game following that loss.

“That day sucks for everyone. They lost on a Thursday, so yo have the rest of that week where you have to watch games. That loss sucks,” said Meriweather. “I wouldn’t be surprised if they come back and beat [the Saints] by 60.”

Meriweather doesn’t believe the Patriots quit last week, but it was clear the Chiefs had a great game plan to attack the New England defense.

“Everybody tries to go at their corners and try to run off the tackle, but that’s what the Patriots put most of their money in. The Chiefs figured it out: Go after the middle linebackers,” he explained. “They’re not as athletic as they used to be, they can’t run after running backs and it showed.”

Meriweather, who participated in this year’s Celebrity 98 Mile, said he is done rapping but is happy that he could turn Jon “Walldick” Wallach into a star.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Meriweather Wednesday without the hosts hitting the former player with five questions from listeners:

1. Which running was the most difficult to take down? “Marshawn [Lynch] was the most difficult. He just wouldn’t fall.”

2. With the movie It coming out, what is your opinion on clowns? “It is an old movie. Once you become 30, It is an old movie. My opinion is still the same: Clowns are clowns.”

3. What’s your favorite country to visit and why? “Antigua, because it’s nice and laid back, quiet.”

4. Flat or curved brim hats? “Neither. I got dreads, what am I wearing a hat for?”

5. Did you restrain from sex before games? “Yeah, I didn’t have sex after Thursday with a game on Sunday. I needed all that testosterone to be right.”

We also learned that Meriweather just learned to… handle his own ‘hip game,’ so to speak, which shocked Fred and Rich. Listen to the full interview in the podcast above!



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