MERRIMACK, N.H. (CBS) — Patrick McLaughlin was jogging near his house when he was attacked by a fox.

“The fox came from off the road onto the road from my left and I felt it sort of knocking to me and sort of gauged me at the same time,” McLaughlin said.

The father of two told WBZ that he initially tried to run away and that’s when the wild animal chased him.

fox scratch Three Attacked By Possibly Rabid Fox In New Hampshire

Scratch wound from the fox. (WBZ-TV)

“It came for my left leg and I jumped a little back and a little to the right and we kind of squared off for a better part of a minute before I was able to separate from it and get away from him.”

McLaughlin said he had seen foxes in his neighborhood in the past, but they have never been aggressive. The fox that attacked him left scratches on him. He had to take a tetanus shot.

Merrimack police said McLaughlin was one of three people attacked in one day in the same area. Two of them were attacked while jogging.

“The first thing I thought was maybe rabies, and that’s still what I’m wondering so the fact that it apparently attacked two other people today makes me concerned about that even more,” said McLaughlin.

Neighbors spotted the fox cutting through different yards. Many living in the neighborhood walked around carrying bats.

steve notter Three Attacked By Possibly Rabid Fox In New Hampshire

Blaise Notter (with bat) andd Steve Notter. (WBZ-TV)

“Kind of protection, just making sure if the fox charges me, I can knock it out of the park there,” said Blaise Notter.

Steve Notter was asked about calling the police and he simply said, “When the fox is charging you, by the time they get there, it’s a little bit late unfortunately.”

Merrimack police also spent the start of their weekend searching for the potentially rabid fox.

“We ask you to not leave children and pets unattended. Be outside with them in case it’s in the area and to call us if you see it, ” explained Merrimack PoliceSgt. Christopher Spillane.


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