BOSTON (CBS) — Thursday night’s loss to the Chiefs will apparently be one of Malcolm Butler’s final games with the Patriots.

That’s at least the belief within the Patriots organization, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

Rapoport reported prior to Thursday night’s game that the Patriots just don’t foresee a long-term future with the cornerback they found out of the University of West Alabama in 2014.

“My understanding is it is expected to be his final season in New England,” Rapoport said. “The reason is they invested a lot in Stephon Gilmore. They are not going to franchise-tag Butler if he goes out and has another Pro Bowl season.”

According to Rapoport, the Patriots and Butler’s camp never really came close to reaching a contract agreement.

“They made a slew of offers for him over the last couple of years, none recently,” Rapoport said. “They really are done negotiating.”

The Patriots are so far down the road with their Butler plan that, according to Rapoport, they’re already factoring him in to the compensatory pick formula next offseason.

“The hope is he plays this year, kills it, and goes out and makes a lot of money [from] another team next year, and [the Patriots] get a compensatory pick,” he said.

  1. As a life long, hard core Pats fan (since 1960) i look at this as a day of very good news,. I have, for a long time, considered Butler to be one of the most over rated players on the Pat roster, if not the entire NFL. He has, absolutely, NO COVERAGE SKILLS and is constantly beaten by opposing receivers

    His departure automatically makes the Pats secondary better.

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