BOSTON (CBS) — Residents of Massachusetts expressed relief as they got off their airplanes at Logan Airport Friday afternoon.

They were glad to be out of the path of Hurricane Irma. Doreen Page was one of those arrivals.

“I’m so glad to have my feet back in Massachusetts,” Page said.

Page was on a Caribbean Cruise and made it back just in time.

Javier Roman used a flashlight to find his way out of a dark house.

“As I’m coming out of the house I’m flashing to just walk down the stairs and flashing the taxi guy,” Roman said.

Javier Roman talking about using his little flashlight. (WBZ-TV)

Roman and his girlfriend moved to Puerto Rico from East Boston.

He said he’d never been through anything like that.

“The winds were pretty severe. You could hear it when you went outside you could see the palm trees on the ground.”

Those are some of the stories coming from the people who were getting off the few flights coming from San Juan, Puerto Rico and Florida. Most of the flights were cancelled.

Angela Caruso is home from the University of South Florida.

“A lot of people were getting out, or hunker down the best they could,” Caruso said.

Ann Davis and her family flew in from Florida a week early, trying to get to a wedding.

“You couldn’t get any water. You couldn’t get any bread. People were actually starting to panic a little,” Davis said.

Getting out wasn’t easy, and for those who made it to Boston, New England looked pretty good.

“Here we are, safe at home,” Davis said.