BOSTON (CBS) – Where did our summer go?  Today is the unofficial end of summer! It does not end for another 3 weeks but with school starting we all feel summer is over and fall is starting.

The stores have had mums for sale for a couple of weeks and I even spotted Halloween candy and decorations on the shelves.

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The transition into fall begins abruptly with Labor Day. And with the kids back to school it is always a new beginning for them for they are entering a new grade with a new teacher and new classmates. As parents we spend weeks in August helping them get ready for this new year.

I, for one, always feel the new year starts on Labor Day. September always feels like a new beginning. The seasons are changing, the weather is changing, we even change our wardrobes. It all smacks of a new year.

So in the spirit of a new year let’s talk about the resolutions you made last January but still have not gotten around to do.

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With fall about to start most home owners begin to think about the house chores that didn’t get done in the spring or the summer. And they still have the List.

Cooler days make it easier to work outside. Your largest asset may very well be your home so what maintenance do you need to do to get it in shape for the winter? At our house, we need to replace the garage trim. Winter storms have rotted many of the trim boards. The boards were ordered earlier in the spring. They just need painted and put up.

Is painting on your list also? The sun can do as much damage as wind & rain. Invest in the best paint. The labor is the same cost and if you are doing it yourself it will take the same amount of time whether you use the cheap stuff or the really good stuff. It truly is a good investment.

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One more thing:  Check out the U.S. Department of Energy’s website on where to begin.