BOSTON (CBS) — Tom Brady isn’t concerned about concussions, or any injuries for that matter. He’s as confident as ever in his ability to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Speaking in a new interview with CNN’s Talk Asia, Brady was asked why concussions are such a difficult discussion for him and NFL players in general. He reiterated his ‘nobody’s business’ comments that he made during his first press conference of Patriots training camp, while expanding his concerns (or lack thereof) to every part of his body. He also expressed supreme confidence in the “preventative measures” he’s taken against serious injuries, presumably including concussions.

“I don’t think it’s difficult to discuss, I just don’t think it’s anyone’s business what’s going on with my ankle or my knees or my arm or my head. I think those things are personal things that I’m dealing with that everybody should be concerned with,” said Brady. “I mean, everyone in the world should understand what’s going on with their body physically.

“Yes, I do play a contact sport, but I also feel I take more preventative measures than probably anybody in the world, so I really don’t have concerns.”

The obvious concern that many will have with Brady’s “preventative measures” comments is that there is no documented evidence that football players can avoid sustaining head injuries without avoiding hits altogether.

Echoing his recent comments about never being sore after practice, Brady also spoke at length about his ability to recover from any injuries (or simple bumps and bruises) that he might sustain.

“It’s one thing to get an injury, it’s another thing to fix the injury. Knowing how to treat my body, knowing how to heal and recover very quickly – faster than any 20-year-old can,” said Brady. “My ability to recover has allowed me to practice at a high level. It’s allowed me to continue to push the limits, physically, of what I’m able to do, and work on different techniques and fundamentals of the game so I can continue to improve.”

Brady has been under heavy scrutiny about his apparent history of concussions, including one suffered in 2016, since his wife Gisele Bundchen said that he “has concussions” in a recent interview on CBS This Morning. It’s only become more clear that while Brady will speak about his improved training methods, which certainly tie into his work with Alex Guerrero at the TB12 Training Center in Foxboro, he won’t get into details about his medical history if he doesn’t have to do so.


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