REHOBOTH (CBS) — Three people, including one firefighter, were treated for injuries after a propane explosion in the basement of a Rehoboth home Sunday morning.

“I believe there were 3 occupants inside the house at the time, we transported two to Rhode Island [hospital] with minor burns,” said Rehoboth Assistant Fire Chief Jeff Rassol.

Officials said a firefighter was also transported for heat exhaustion.

The house was heavily damaged and several windows were broken.

rehoboth Propane Explosion Sparks Fire In Rehoboth

Rehoboth Fire Department responds to a propane explosion (WBZ-TV)

“When initially we came in here there was heavy smoke everywhere on the structure. Once we entered, a lot of the fire was in the lower level to the rear [of the house],” explained Rassol. “We have some structural integrity of the building has been compromised.”

Rassol also said high levels of carbon monoxide made it difficult to investigate what sparked the fire.

Preliminary investigations have led the officials to believe it began near a hot water heater.

They are still looking into what caused the propane leak that led to the explosion.


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