By Paula Ebben

EPPING, NH (CBS) – A backyard pool mishap stranded an Epping, NH woman in four feet of water, but also revealed the positive power of social media.

When Leslie Kahn went for a dip, she didn’t expect her pool ladder to break. But what happened next will renew your faith in people.

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“I swim as often as possible every summer,” Leslie says.

She had just finished her daily swim on a day a lot nicer than today, but as she started to get out, a step on the pool ladder broke.

Leslie Kahn got stuck in her backyard pool when the ladder broke (WBZ-TV)

“I had one foot on it, and when I put my other foot on it, it went down. And I cracked my knee,” she says

Still, she tried to climb out, but just couldn’t manage it.

“Because I don’t have the agility or the upper body strength that I used to,” she said.

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Now what? “I was thinking I might be here a while because my tenants were out, nobody was home. My phone was inside,” she says.

Leslie Kahn got stuck in her backyard pool when the ladder broke (WBZ-TV)

But her old iPad was on a chair on the small pool deck, but it was out of reach. Then, ingenuity. “So then I grab the pole. Hooked the leg of the chair. Dragged it over, and got online,” she says.

She posted her 911 on “Epping Squawks,” a community Facebook group. “Only a few minutes to start getting a response,” Leslie says.

Offers of help poured in, and people came to Leslie’s house. They tried to fix the ladder, no dice. They tried putting a chair in the water, but it was too tippy.

“Every idea we thought of didn’t work,” she says. Finally they tried a step ladder. “And I just climbed out. Happily ever after at that point,” she says.

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And a big thank you to the good people of Epping. “People keep saying, ‘I bet you can laugh about it now.’ I was laughing about it then. What else can you do!” she says.

Paula Ebben