BOSTON (CBS) — Bostonians gathered on Sunday evening to continue protesting the hate and violence sparked by a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Participants in the large group were not gathered for one particular organization but stood together to support the victims in Charlottesville.

Anti-hate rally in Boston on Sunday (WBZ-TV)

“I’m just so appalled about what happened in Charlottesville and what’s been happening in our country, that I literally woke up this morning and said I have to find some way to protest,” one woman said. 

Others said they hoped to pressure President Trump to denounce white supremacists and groups that foster hate.

The group could be heard chanting things such as “stand up, fight back,” and “black lives matter.”

Anti-hate rally in Boston on Sunday (WBZ-TV)

A least one of the signs at Sunday’s anti-hate rally was supporting white supremacists.

A “Free Speech Rally” is reportedly planned for the Boston Common on Saturday, although Mayor Marty Walsh said that no one has pulled permits with City Hall as of Sunday.

“We don’t need this type of hate,” said Walsh. “So my message is clear to this group. We don’t want you in Boston. We don’t want you on Boston Common. We don’t want you spewing the hate that we saw yesterday, and the loss of life.”

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  1. Allen Blaine says:

    This is really ironic. With all of the hate from the left and ANTIFA and Black lives matter, and this is supposed to be a rally against hate??? This is a gathering of hate. The left has become the Nazi replica. They want to take away free speech, they want to take away guns, they want to shut down political opponents, just like the Nazi’s did.

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