BOSTON (CBS) — Fountains. Dead Cats. Dancing Dingos.

Just another morning on Toucher & Rich.

The duo welcomed Michael Rapaport onto the 98.5 The Sports Hub airwaves on Thursday to chat about his upcoming Fantasy Sports Fest at Gillette Stadium on August 20, but things quickly got a little odd.

Rapaport, who did on-court interviews for the Big3 basketball league, was asked if he’s ever been mistaken for Brian Scalabrine.

“I don’t get mistaken for him. What’s happened is, my goal is to be called the ‘White Mamba,'” said Rapaport. “When I’m finished with Brain Scalabrine, I’m going to be called the ‘White Mamba.’ He’s going to be calling me the ‘White Mamba.'”

Listeners and told T&R to ask the actor and Barstool Sports podcaster about his fear of cats, which Rapaport clarified.

“It’s not cats in general. But dead cats, I have a problem with. Dead animals, I’m not really into,” he said.

This all stems from an incident where two cats drowned in Rapaport’s fountain, prompting Fred to ask “you have a fountain?”

“Who do you think you’re talking to, some schmuck here?” Rapaport responded. “It’s a little greeting fountain.”

“I didn’t come to talk about fountains. I would love to have a full discussion about cats with you. But August 20, I’m coming right to your house, Gillette Stadium. I’m sure they have fountains at Gillette Stadium,” he said.

Things just escalated from there, with Rapaport introducing T&R to some interesting fantasy sports slang as he had some fun with the hosts. Listen to the full interview above!



  1. Many fans of this station love cats and don’t find the stupid childish banter about “dead cats” funny….. Stick to sports please….
    Speaking of stupid and childish….. When Rappaport is on….. I tune out.

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