BOSTON (CBS) — Tom Brady isn’t even thinking about retirement and still hopes to play football into his mid-40s. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is hoping to do the same, and he’s adopting similar training methods in order to make it happen.

Speaking to SI’s Peter King, Rodgers revealed that he emailed Brady to wish him a happy 40th birthday and compliment the reigning Super Bowl MVP for his mobility. Brady’s movement in the pocket has somehow improved in recent years, and Rodgers is hoping his already-great mobility will continue to be great as he gets older.

“I said to him, ‘Is it just me, or does it seem like you are getting more mobile with age? You’re running around good! You weren’t doing that when you were younger!’ I feel the same way at practice the last couple days,” said the 33-year-old Rodgers, who also told King he hopes to play 7-10 more years.

Similar to Brady’s unique training methods to improve his “pliability”, Rodgers said he has incorporated yoga and extra stretching into his routines in order to improve his flexibility (The TB12 website notes that pliability is not the same as flexibility).

“I feel like I am moving as well as I did when I was 23 and I’m 33,” said Rodgers.

The Packers are scheduled to visit Foxboro to play the Patriots during the 2018 regular season.


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