BOSTON (CBS) — Stephon Gilmore brings size and skill to the Patriots secondary. But despite his soft-spoken nature off the field, the Patriots cornerback is also bringing an attitude when he’s on it.

Gilmore addressed reporters after Patriots practice on Saturday, the first time he’s spoken since he and receiver Julian Edelman got kicked out of an Aug. 1 training camp practice for fighting. He explained that the two can still respect each other off the field, but on the practice field it’s all business.

“Once I’m on the field, there’s no friends,” said Gilmore. “But off the field, very respectful. [I] respect everybody on this team, talk to them. It’s nothing personal. It’s just when I’m on the field, I’m super competitive, and there’s no friends.”

Gilmore’s relationship with Edelman and the rest of the Patriots’ receivers is just fine. Emotions certainly boiled over between him and Edelman, but it was a product of competing and pushing each other to improve.

“We’re just trying to come out here and make each other better,” said Gilmore. “We’re always cool off the field, but on the field we just try to compete with each other and make each other better.”

There have been no incidents since the Gilmore-Edelman fight, but it will be interesting to see how the Patriots and Jaguars behave when they hold their joint practices ahead of Thursday’s preseason game.


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